Create, educate, elevate

That is the mission of MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy Brussels
to train students to reveal their artistic sensitivity and acquire the necessary make-up techniques to become a professional make-up artist.

Close-up of a person's eye showcasing vibrant makeup. The eyelid features a striking blend of shimmery teal, emerald green, and gold eyeshadow with a bold touch of orange on the outer corner. The eyebrow above is well-defined.

Discover Your Passion for Makeup at Make Up For Ever Academy Brussels

Are you passionate about makeup and dream of turning your passion into a profession? Look no further! Our world-renowned makeup school is situated in the heart of the vibrant city of Brussels, Belgium. With a legacy of exellence in makeup education, MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy Brussels is the perfect place to begin your journey towards a succesful career in the beauty industry.

A woman with slicked-back hair poses with her hands in the foreground, partially framing her face. She has bright yellow eyeshadow and pink blush on her cheeks. She is wearing small hoop earrings and has a confident, slight smile on her lips.

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Take the test to find the perfect course for you. Depending on your goals, availability, and time in Belgium, we will identify the ideal course for you. We will provide you with a list of options to ensure you don't feel lost.

A person with short hair stares directly at the camera, with their face and part of their neck painted in an abstract pattern of white and silver shapes against a blue background. The painted design covers both the face and neck in a flowing, artistic manner.

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MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy Brussels delivers a unique way of teaching that is made of demonstrations, theory lessons, supervised practice, creative challenges, and photo shoots with professional photographers.

Testimonials students

Yasmine Schiettecatte - Belgian (Flanders)

I fondly remember the pleasant atmosphere in our classroom, and the fun times during our shooting days. My most precious moments during the Academy were the internships, especially those on film sets. For the first time, we entered the real world, which was very impressive.  

Through these internships I was able to build my network, and this allowed me to find my first jobs after the Academy. The first two years it was hard to make ends meet, but thanks to my connections I was able to gradually build my career to where I am today.  

I mainly work in the event and theatre sector. For example, I worked at Tomorrowland (Winter),  and We Can Dance. I also work a lot at big corporate parties, where I get a lot of creative freedom. I work at Bobbejaanland during the Halloween period, creating zombies and scary figures. In the theatre sector, I have worked on The Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast, Winter Revue and the Ketnet Musical, and in the future I will also tour Belgium and the Netherlands with the Mega Mindy tour and K3 & the 3 little pigs. I have also already worked on films, for which I spent several months abroad. In between, I work for series at, for example, Ketnet and VTM.

Sarah Islam - Dutch/Pakistani

After completing my high school in Pakistan, I immediately knew I wanted to study at a renowned make up school. My research to find the best schools in Europe led me to the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy Brussels, and this was the best decision I could have made.  


I chose the 10-month course, where I met many people from other cultures and learnt a huge number of new techniques that I did not know existed. My teachers were not only talented but also able to guide us well during our creative process.  

My favourite moments during the Academy were the internships. Here I could perfect the techniques we learnt in class, and I got an idea of what it was like to work in the professional field. This gave me confidence in myself and my abilities, and I discovered my passion: fashion and editorial make-up.  


After my year in Brussels, I moved to Rotterdam to build my life as a professional make-up artist. All beginnings are difficult, but through networking I found a motivated group of models and photographers I work with. My goal is to one day see our work on the cover of Vogue!

Andreea Marandici - Romanian

I have great memories of the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy Brussels. My favourite moments were the afternoons when we practiced, I had a lot of interaction with my teachers and my fellow students. We were given lots of valuable information, and we were able to experiment a lot while preparing for our shoots. I enjoyed creating complete concepts, making accessories, thinking about the image as a whole,.... We learned so much more than just make up!  


After my training, I was able to work at MAKE UP FOR EVER as a make up artist and teacher.  


I am very grateful for everything the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy has given me, and I am excited to continue sharing this passion with others. I am currently working in Romania, where I continue to apply and develop everything I learnt during the Academy. I am developing my own make up course, as teaching remains one of my biggest passions.