Master program - 6 months

4 days/week — Beauty, Fashion, TV, Cinema & SFX


During this master program you will be fully trained to work in the following fields: beauty, fashion, TV and cinema.

You will be working and developing your makeup passion for 4 full days every week. This is what makes the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy Brussels so unique! No other schools in our region offer such an intense make up training.

With your MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY certificate you are set to work with specialist in the tv and film industry but you are also eligible to work with photographers and stylist during photoshoots or fashion shows.


Kunstberg 18 Mont des arts, 1000 Brussels


€6895 registration cost +
€2500 make-up kit (vat incl.)

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Beauty, mode & visagisme

Basic knowledge of the skin | product knowledge | anatomy and morphological analysis of different face shapes | color knowledge and how to use it in different settings | the role and attitude of the make-up artist in each domain | make up for the skin, eyes, lips and eyebrows | the blending of lights and shadows | understanding morphologies and how to make the necessary corrections to the skin, eyes, lips and eyebrows | basics of studio lighting knowledge for make up | retrospective make up from the 1920’s to modern day make up and how to adapt is | historical make up in fashion | photo make up | fashhion make up | application of day and make up looks | make up for mature skins as well as different ethnic groups | practical tips and tricks to adapt the learned techniques to different settings (photos, birdal, fashion show, etc.)

Cinema, TV & SFX

Attitude of an MUA on a TV set | lighting knowledge for recordings | make up for men and women (natural, corrections and sophisticated) | TV make up: presenters, guests, enterainers, etc. | cinema latex ageing | placement of hairpieces | products for recreating SFX on the skin (blood, latex, glue, artificial flesh, etc.) | particular skin features (diseases, corpse-like, textures, etc.) | first, second and thirds degree burns | open wounds, bruises and skin effects | application and make up of small proshetics


  1. You learn all the beauty and fashion techniques.
  2. Master small Special Effects (SFX), cinema and television techniques.
  3. From theory and practice to professional internships in the field.
  4. Get started right after your training.


You don’t need prior knowledge to join this 6 month intensive course.

All levels are welcome. For make-uplovers, people who have a passion for make-up and might want to upgrade their skills to become pro.


From Monday to Thursday from 9.30am until 4.30pm. Excl. school holidays.

The Academy does not follow the dates of official school holidays.

Application and selection

The participants are selected on basis of their interview (motivation letter, a list of questions during the interview and if the candidate has one portfolio) and a short discussion with the Director of the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy Brussels, Mr. Dries WELSCH, who evaluates the candidate’s motivation and creative talent.

Master program - 3, 6 or 10 months

Before you start a master program it is important to find the training that is best suited for you.

You can do this by asking our MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy Brussels teachers for their advice. 10 months is obviously even more complete and goes into more skills than the 6 and 3 month course.

Additional information


Our training at MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy Brussels is not only about theory and practice given every day, but also about internships outside the academy! Check out some of them.