Two people assist a model during a photoshoot. One person on the left is applying makeup, while the other in the middle observes closely. The model, wearing a red floral outfit, stands with eyes closed. The background features a grey screen and dimly lit surroundings.

Throughout your 3, 6 or 10 month long training, you will be able to participate in a multitude of internships in different fields.

Discover our most popular among them.

Miss exclussive

Miss Exclusive is a famous beauty contest in Belgium.

During this internship you will have the opportunity to do the makeup of the candidates for the end of year election.

Several internships within Miss Eclussive are planned via the evolving schedule of candidates for the election.

This course will allow long training courses of 3, 6 and 10 months to practice all the beauty techniques seen in class as well as to be in the atmosphere of a competition.

Modeweek is a collaboration between MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY Brussels and the NARAFI photography school.

For 5 days, the two schools will collaborate closely to produce editorial photographs.
This internship focuses on beauty and editorial makeup.

During this internship, each student must learn to work as a team, with photographers, so that each aspect of a photo is highlighted as much as possible.

This internship allows students with long training of 6 and 10 months to very quickly acquire good professional skills in view of its intensity.

Francisco Ferrer

Francisco Ferrer
is one of the best-known fashion design schools in Brussels.

Every year, MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY Brussels has the honor of applying makeup to all the models for their end-of-year fashion show in the month of June.

This internship allows the 10-month long training to acquire great experience in the atmosphere of a fashion show where around 200 models must be made up in a multitude of different ways.

Thanks to this internship, you will work on your speed, your communication and your level in beauty/fashion makeup.

La Monnaie / De Munt

Every year, Belgium's most famous theatre offers internships to observe several plays.

The aim of the course is to enable trainees to learn what the role of a make-up artist is in a theatre, and what secrets need to be adapted for effective make-up.

During these 10-month training courses, the trainees will meet the various make-up artists at La Monnaie / De Munt, which will enable them to acquire a number of tricks for perfecting theatre/stage make-up, as well as developing their networks.

These courses represent just a small part of the quantity and diversity that awaits you during your training at MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy Brussels.

Each year our collaborations are different and concern the most active fields on the market, which allows students to prepare for their future careers.