Academic photographer

A black-and-white photo of a fashion photo shoot. A photographer is taking a picture of a model who is standing in front of a seamless white backdrop. The model is wearing a sleeveless top and jeans, with her hair styled in an elaborate updo. Studio lights and equipment surround them.

Shooting day sessions await you on the 3, 6 and 10-month MASTER PROGRAMS.

Throughout the course, you will be required to take a number of photos based on themes defined by MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY.

These photos will be the result of your work during the course and will be judged at the end of the course by an external jury made up of the best people in the make-up, fashion and film sectors.

Our academic photographer has been working with MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY Brussels for more than 15 years, during your shooting sessions, you will be accompanied not only by the teachers who will keep an eye on your work and help you to give the best of yourself, but also by the photographer who knows better than anyone what is the attitude and the task of a make-up artist in a photo studio.

Pieter De Smedt-Jans
Academic Photographer

Pieter De Smedt-Jans is a professional photographer working in various sectors, including beauty and fashion.

He is also a photography teacher at the NARAFI school in Brussels, with whom the 6- and 10-month trainees will work during the "MODEWEEK" internship.

Pieter has been a photographer for MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY Brussels for more than 15 years.

Thanks to his talent and the experience he has developed on a daily basis within MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY Brussels, he will be able to guide you perfectly during your shooting sessions and also bring out the best of your work in photos.