Guest speakers

A person with dark skin squats on a black platform, draped in a flowing white fabric, extending their arms outward. The background is plain white, highlighting the poised and balanced stance of the individual.
Juan-Carlos Salazar

Juan-carlos Salazar is a professional make-up artist with over 20 years' experience in a wide range of fields.

Having taught at the MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY in Brussels and New York (USA), he then embarked on an international freelance career.

Today, recognised for his talent and know-how, he is part of the make-up team at the famous Pat McGrath and works for the biggest fashion weeks in the world such as Milan, Paris... etc.

If you take the 6 or 10-month course, you'll have the chance to meet Juan-Carlos Salazar in the Fashion module, where he'll share his experience and much more with you.
Robbe Vermaete

Robbe Vermaete is an ace hairdresser.

Having been a hairdressing teacher, he is now a freelancer and works with the biggest names across Europe for the most important fashion shows.

Thanks to his experience, you will have the chance to benefit from his teaching at the Hair MASTERCLASS for the 3, 6 and 10-month long courses.

As future make-up artists, it is essential to have a good knowledge of hairdressing, and Robbe Vermaete will be delighted to pass this on to you.
Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie

During the Television module for the 6- and 10-month long courses, you will have the chance to visit Belgium's famous Dutch-language television station.

Thanks to this one-day visit, you'll get to know the make-up team and the make-up artists themselves, who'll share their experiences with you and explain the kind of day that awaits a television make-up artist.

The tour is available in English and French.
La Monnaie / De Munt

La monnaie / De Munt, the most famous Belgian Theatre in Brussels, will do you the honour of coming to MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY Brussels for the 6 and 10 month long training courses in order to share their knowledge and show you how to apply wigs.

To do make-up in one of the most prestigious theatres in Belgium, what could be better than meeting the team of make-up artists, the theatre's own wig maker.

A visit to the theatre La monnaie / De munt is also organised during the theatre/internship modules for the 10-month long training.

Johanna Cool

Johanna Cool is a professional make-up artist specialising in special effects make-up (SFX).

Having trained in general make-up in Belgium, she wanted to specialise in special effects.

What better way to do this than to follow the famous special effects training at the Cinema MAKE-UP School in Los Angeles (United States).

After starting her career as a make-up artist/special effects make-up artist in the United States, Johanna returned to Belgium and continues to triumph in make-up with her multitudes of acquaintances.

Johanna will be involved in MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY Brussels for the 6 & 10 Month long training courses during the SFX module.

Houyam Hajlaoui

Houyam Hajlaoui is a professional make-up artist specialising in body art.

Being a graphic designer by trade, this allowed him to move towards body art and to specialize in it. Houyam is widely recognized for his talent and know-how for each of his creations.

She competed in several World Championships and was able to take first place.

Houyam will be involved in MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY Brussels for the 10-month training during the Body art module.